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                                      Company profile


                                      Pioneer Herb Industrial Co.Ltd.devotes itself to research and product and production of plant actives,our company has formed a complete layout of industrial chains after many years.25 percent of ingredients can be given by our own plantation.Widely used for supplement,healthcare,cosmetics,personal care,and pharmaceutial ect.The advanced equipment and technologies and scientific manage system can assure stability and pure content of product quality.

                                      Planting base

                                      Insisting on durative use of plant resources and advocating GAP standard plantation base all the time,following GMO-free standard in non-GMO,assuring authenticity and controllability of  raw material.


                                      Pioneer HerbIndustrial Co.,Ltd  keep 10% of annual sales for R&D team, cooperating R&D work with processional scientific research institutes,such as Shanghai University of Engineering Science(SUES).


                                      Pioneer Herb team devote to manufacturing and supplying high qualified products consistently!

                                      Our factory approved by ISO 9001, FDA, etc. and equipped with the latest facilities for quality analysis and testings, such as HPLC(high performance liquid chromatograph), gas chromatograph, UV Analyser ect.

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