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                                      R&D center



                                      Pioneer Herb Industrial Co., Ltd has its own planting base, cooperating with academy of agricultural sciences to cultivate new plant varieties (Non-GMO) which contain more active ingredients

                                      Research and Development

                                      1.     Professional R&D team and advance equipment, which make us always be the leader in the industry. Constantly develop new products that meet market demand and improve the production and application solution of existing product.

                                      2.     Keeping long-term cooperation with many famous universities and research institutions, such as “Shanghai University of Engineering Science”, “Nanchang University”, “Academy of Agricultural Sciences” etc. Constantly doing research on natural plant extract, promoting the achievement transformation of “industry-university-research cooperation”.

                                      3.     Pioneer herb Industrial Co., Ltd. has got many honors, such as “Ganzhou Natural Product Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Jiangxi High-tech Enterprise”, “Industry-university-research cooperation base of Shanghai University of Engineering Science”, “Council unit of Jiangxi Food Additives & Ingredients Association”, and many invention patents.


                                      1.     Constantly developing and practicing is for improving properties of products, making products have more suitable features for customer’s application, such as solubility, stability etc., easy for customer using

                                      2.     Focusing on international and domestic market trends, increasing new product reserve, providing more choices of healthcare material for customers.


                                      1.     Established an application lab in Shanghai, providing suggestions for customers, such as incompatibility, suggested additive amount. We also can provide value-added services, like provide formulated product.

                                      2.     Cooperating with many medical institutions for doing efficacy research, such as “Shanghai Shuguang Hospital”, “Shanghai General Hospital” etc., aimed at providing safer, more professional, more efficient product solution offerings.

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