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                                      Water soluble plant extracts


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                                      Item No. Product Name Feature Standardization Functional Activity
                                      NBSR-101P Instant Burdock Extract Powder Great solubility natural powder Cure constipation
                                      SYSR-101P Instant mulberry leaf extract powder great solubility natural powder Regulate blood sugar
                                      SSSR-101P Instant Mulberry Extract Powder great solubility natural powder Energy support
                                      DNJ-S010P Mulberry Leaf Extract / DNJ Great solubility with certain active 1-DNJ 2% natural powder Regulate blood sugar effectively
                                      RSSR-101P Instant ginseng extract powder great solubility natural powder Anti-fatigue Stress relief
                                      DGSR-101P Instant Angelica Extract Powder Great solubility natural powder Norishing blood & circulation
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