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                                      Plant Extract Liquid


                                      You are here: Home/PRODUCTS/INCI cosmetic ingredients/Plant Extract Liquid
                                      Item No. Product Name INCI Name Functional Activity
                                      JXC-010A Centella Extract Solution CE Anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, anti-aging, whitening, repair scar
                                      HH-010A Safflower Extract Solution CARTHAMUS TI Whitening, Nourish skin, Treat contact dermatitis
                                      HSW-010B Polygonum Multiflorum Extract Solution Nourish hair root, prevent and cure hair loss
                                      GG-010A Pueraria Extract Solution P Improve chloasma, anti-acne, anti-oxidation, nourish skin
                                      LC-010A Green Tea leaf Extract Solution CAME Anti-aging, anti-inflammation, whitening, protect tooth
                                      GC-010A Licorice Extract Solution, whitening, abosorb UV, anti-oxidation GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS (LICORICE) ROOT EXTRACT Anti-inflammation,
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