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                                      Standardized plant extracts


                                      Other namesHamamelis virginiana L. twigs

                                      Origin of plantWitch hazel (twig)

                                      Active ingredients: Hamamelitannin

                                      CAS No.: 469-32-9

                                      Product standards: 10%,15%,20% and customized

                                      Test method: UV

                                      Appearance: brown-yellow powder

                                      Main functions:

                                      1.skin-care, astringent, anti-irritant 

                                      2.good for slight cuts, scratch and bite from insects

                                      3.healing damaged skin and Irritant skin

                                      4.relieving skin cauma, pruritus, discomfort caused by hemorrhoids

                                      5.protecting irritating and inflamed anorectum tissue

                                      Application: Drug: pill/ointment, mist spray; Cosmetic: cream, lotion, gelatum, mist spray.

                                      Packing: 1KG, 5KG/ Aluminum Foil Bag, 25KG/drum

                                      Storage Condition: Sealed container, stored in dry and thermophilic environmentavoiding sunshine.

                                      Normal production line and dust free workshop for ref.:


                                      Be free to contact us for more details and quote.

                                      Tel.:0086-21-3462 5090

                                      Email:[email protected]

                                      Pharmaceutical Witch Hazel Extract

                                      > Standardized plant extracts

                                      Functional Activity:Anti-inflammation

                                      Product name:Hamamelis extract

                                      Specification:10%,15%,20% and customized

                                      Raw material:Witch hazel (twig)

                                      Appearance:brown-yellow powder

                                      Item No.:JLM-150P


                                      Applicaton:Pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals

                                      INCI Name:Hamamelis tannin

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